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Happy New Year everyone. My News Years Resolution is the same as previous years, not to change, I'm not the problem lol Serious question for Admins....Is there a link to radio schedule also is it all just music or do you have the ability to do a "radio show" type of broadcast?


  • DJ Tim
    DJ Tim I'll put up a page soon with some type of schedule. We can do shows, go live, use the mic, or have it on auto DJ. Hard to figure right now. One DJ in the hospital, another building a garage, etc. Will be me and Razor today.
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  • Ken Johnson
    Ken Johnson Right on, appreciate it. If there is anything I can do to help give me a holler. Have no experience in writing code, have had experience in running webshows/cam shows (mind out of the gutter lol). That was all run through xsplit and OBS using RMPT, but...  more
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  • DJ Tim
    DJ Tim Pretty much have all the code written and working. Will probably just do a schedule in a blog so it's easy to update. Then link it in one of the columns on the left or right. Thanks for the offer!
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