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We can build An Android Radio App For Your Station Everyone is going mobile and radio stations are no exception. Although people can use apps such as Tunein, Winamp, Shoutcast, etc., it's best to have an app so you can build your brand. Having your own app ensures people will see the information and services you offer, and not your competition. If you need an android app for your Shoutcast or Icescast radio station, we can build you one. The dashboard will have several features wich you can include or exclued. See the list below: Listen Chatroom (If you have one) Link to FB Fan Page (Optional) Twitter Feed (Optional) Visit Us Online Link to your Amazon Associate Account if you have one Ability to send push notifications through Airbop and Google Cloud Messageing. Many companies are charging a fortune for apps. Others offer the ability to build it free but they just aren't good enough and are blasted with ads. We can build you an Android app for a one time fee, you get the file. You can publish it on Google, Amazon, Galaxy Essentials, etc. So before you start spending a lot of money every month or hundreds of dollars for a year, try out our app and if you like it, we can build you one for a one time fee. Before you decide, take a look at our app so you know what you'll be getting. It's simple and easy to use, Try it out if you like, but do take a look. Review it on Amazon or Google. Google        Amazon If you like what you see, and you'd like to order one, understand we'll need you do do a few things if you haven't already. In order for your Android App to send push notifcations, you will need to set up an Airbop account for free, and set up Google Firebase to use the GCM. We'll provide instructions, you will need to send us your keys and secrets. If you decide you would like your own ads running in the app, you will need to set up an AdMob account with Google, or mobile ads through Amazon. Both of these features are optional.  You can order your app with or without ads. For a lower fee, our ads will be running. For a little more, you can have your ads running, or no ads at all.  Pricing: Android App with our ads: $59.00 (one time, not yearly or monthly) Android App with your ads or no ads: $99.00 (one time, not yearly or monthly} Future changes: $25.00 (per instance) If you've been looking around to have an app developed then you know this is more than fair. If you would like us to contact you, please click the link to go to our contact form. We'll get back to you soon. Please include your location and phone number. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks! Contact Biker Valley for an app build

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Aftrer writing the blog below, Google published the app. You can get it in the Google Play store. Search for "Biker Valley Radio" when you go there, or click one of the links below with your android device. Google        Amazon How to install our Android App Many people aren't sure how to install an Android app if it doesn't come from the Google Play Store. It's actually pretty easy and I'll walk you through it here. When you install an app this way, just be sure you know who you're getting it from. Our app is 100% totally safe. If you're wondering why we don't have our app on Google Play, well, they are just a real pain in the neck! I've tried at least 10 times now and just got frustrated. We do have the BVRadio app on Amazon. You can click here to get it free. You can also see what the app looks like there before you install it from this site. OK, here's how you do it quick and easy. 1. Using your android device, go to this link with your devices browser. Or read this blog and click the link - bikervalley.com/bvradio.apk 2. Download the file 3. Open the file. You should see a notice: Allow to install from unknow locations. Check the box to allow. If you don't see the notice, it will be in your settings > Security > and check the box for unknown resources. 4. The app should instal now. If it doesn't, open your applications page, go to the "MyFiles" app. Open "Download History" and tap the BVRadio file, then click install. The app should install. Once done, click "Open" and you can tune in, chat, visit the site and much more. The app is working great and if someone goes live, I can let you know by sending a message right to you. Hope you enjoy! Was several months in the making. This should be the final version. If anyone has any problems, comment here and I'll get right back to you. Thanks! Tim