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Bikervalley radio , Like an old friend BikerValley been around a long time, there been times that the chat room would be so packed it would be hard to keep up with the text that was running through it, most the time everyone got along well although sometimes as biker humor has it's own unique flavor, sometimes someone would take offence, should this happen to you just let our administration know & it will be addressed. Because this site is here for your enjoyment....Should you recive spam let the boss know so they can removed Quickly ! ,Normally we don't have this problem but the site just went thru a rebuild so let administation know...If you have a business be sure to take out a Advertisement to increase your sales...Now is the time as BikerValley will be DJ ing at Leesburg Bikefest at the ABATE DJ's will be hosting soon so look for that very soon, Heck after wrighting this & getting my spelling good maybe the boss will let me host :) I am TIGERMAN and look foward to goodtimes & enjoying all BIKERVALLEY has to offer it's members....PEACE

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