Why I ride

  • So I was sitting in a small cafe when a lady came up and asked me the oldest question ever, why do I ride?  This got me to thinking why exactly do I ride?  the easy answer is to be free, to see the world as a participant, pat answers.  For me it is deeper than that,  it identifies me, it helps me breathe, feel, live and love.  I have been around bikes all my life it is integral to who I am, it is truly my grounding point.

    This past spring I lost my mother, and as executor of her estate I do not really have time to grieve.  That is until I get on the bike, there is my time to reflect on my life with her, growing up watching her take on the world.  Knowing that when she could fight no longer it was time to go.   Listening to the motor hum, the wheels on pavement, air passing over my ears, all put my soul to rest to deal with all I have to get done.  

    So why do I ride? For the same reason I breathe, have a heart beat, think, and feel.  I ride to be.......me, simple.