Ded Reckoning: Vengeance takes a road trip, a biker-themed nove

  • Ded Reckoning; Vengeance Takes a Road Trip is the second novel in my "Hammer" series of action thrillers. This new novel follows Eric "Hammer" Thorssen as he heads west from Alabama in search of distance between himself and the mayhem he initiated, as well as the woman whose heart he broke. Riding into the San Luis Valley of Colorado in search of a long-postponed visit with his great-uncle Sam seems to be just the ticket for some peace and quiet. The secluded mountain valley is split by the Rio Grande, lush with farms and surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. But there is also evil in these mountains, as he soon discovers. The deadly scourge of methamphetamine has taken root in this beautiful Alpine valley, and Hammer discovers a childhood playmate is at the heart of the problem.While settling into his new home, Hammer finds out that one of his band of Alabama meth busters is missing and volunteers to help find him. The resulting search leads Hammer to some startling revelations concerning his old playmate.There is plenty of action, interspersed with sexy shenanigans and snarky humor. DED Reckoning is one man's crusade against evils real and imagined, propelled by high-octane fuel and gunpowder. Join in the action as Hammer and his new band of brothers and sisters once again takes on those who profit from the misery of others.  Available at or through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc.