Radio and Music

  • You know I look back at life and see how much we've changed in the short years I've been on this planet.  Let's take music for instance.  In my time, if you didn't have the money to buy the new 45 RPM Records that came out, you moved to the next best thing, a tape recorder.  When you got this new reel-to-reel tape recorder (equipped with a microphone) you were excited.  You ran and got the recorder set up, then grabbed a small transistor radio and placed it in front of your speaker.  You'd lie there for hours waiting for the DJ to play your favourite song.  When they did, you turned the recorder to "RECORD" and started capturing this treasure to your library.  All the while remembering you had to play the tape to the EXACT spot on your tape, hoped you had enough tape to record the song and if it all worked out, you got your song!  The elation as you played it back was so satisfying.  I still remember the very first song I captured on tape, not that it was a favourite, but it was the test to see whether I could do it.  The song was "Go All The Way" by The Raspberries.  I kept the song as a memento of my achievement and listened to it many times over the years.  Later, as technology advanced, I got a cassette recorder and that was the next age of recording for me.

    My memories here aren't of the recording but of the DJ's, the music and the memories this music made for me.  Hearing the DJ announce the song and then recording it for later was always a challenge.  More times than not you'd miss the song and you'd be on the hunt again.  The DJ's I remember were the technicians of wonder as they filled the day with music and banter as they entered your life.  So if you were in Canada in the late 70's you would not doubt have heard of Jim Brady on Toronto's CFTR AM Radio.  Jim's broadcasts were hilarious as he used clips from Monty Python and others.  His insane show made you smile, forget the world for a bit and live with him during his time on air (he was the morning drive time guy).  Sadly Jim passed in June of 2014 but his legacy remains.  

    So here I am, in my own way re-living my childhood by being a DJ on a radio station (a damn good radio station I may add).  So let the music play, let us celebrate the accomplishments however, and quite sadly I may say, the generations of children don't get to hear "radio" like we did.  Today's world gives instant access to music upon request which is fantastic.  A shame some won't have to lie on the living room floor, hand on the record button and listening to your favourite DJ hoping he'll play your favourite song.  

    Triumph memorialized life, DJ's and music in their song "Magic Power". 

    She climbs into bed, she pulls the covers overhead and she turns her little radio on
    She's had a rotten day so she hopes the DJ's gonna play her favorite song
    It makes her feel much better, brings her closer to her dreams
    A little magic power makes it better that it seems

    I'm sure all of the DJ's hope to make your experience as memorable and enjoyable.  Thanks for your support here and I know I enjoy providing a little escape for listeners when I can............